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Unlock your Phone with a FREE Code from us!

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Unlock your Phone for Free Today

If you’ve been thinking about unlocking your phone so that you can use it on any GSM network, but simply haven’t got around to doing anything about it, here’s an added incentive: Film the process of you unlocking your phone, and we’ll give you an unlock code absolutely FREE!

It’s simple. All you have to do is video the process of unlocking your phone. You can do it by yourself or ask a friend to help you. To qualify, simply email us at and we’ll let you know if you are eligible for the FREE unlock code. The only reason why you may not qualify is if we already have a suitable video testimonial for a similar phone. So please be sure to check with us first before you start to create your cellphone unlock video masterpiece.

We’re offering this promotion as a way to help us create instructional videos to put on the UnlockBase YouTube Channel. Assuming you qualify, all you have to do is follow these three basic steps:

  1. Video how to order the unlock code from UnlockBase: Just film yourself going through the order process online to obtain the unlock code.  For security reasons you can blur out your email address and personal information. (this step is NOT mandatory).
  2. Video yourself receiving the email from us: When you receive an email back from us, be sure to film the process of you opening the email and reading it. (Note: the video can start with this step if you did not record yourself ordering the Unlock Code on our website.
  3. Video what you do with the code: This is the most important part of the video, the entering of the code into your phone.  This step usually involves several processes (just follow the guidelines of our Code Entry FAQ). You will need to follow email directions and film all of it.


How to Title Your Video

You are responsible for uploading the video to YouTube. Once it’s live, please email us the link and we’ll reimburse you for the unlock code. When writing the title of your video, make use of the following format:

“How to Unlock [your phone model] from [the network carrier & country the phone is locked to]”

For example, if you have a Samsung S6 that is locked to Nextel Mexico, your title would be:

How to Unlock Samsung S6 from Nextel Mexico

If possible, we would like for you to add the following tags to the video that you upload:

  • Unlock
  • Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Tutorial
  • Model of your phone (ie: Samsung Galaxy S6)
  • Network carrier & country phone was locked to (ie: Nextel Mexico)
  • Unlock Code
  • Instructions


Shoot Clearly and Keep it Simple!

Remember to keep your video as simple and straightforward as possible. Shoot in clear lighting conditions and make sure any sound is not muffled or inaudible. We are not looking for a feature film, just a short and easy to understand video of how to obtain the unlock code for your particular cellphone model.

Below is a sample of a very nice Video Testimonials we recently received from one of our happy customers:

Are You a Writer for a Blog / Magazine?

Do you own your own website or blog?  Are you a writer for a magazine?  If so, please contact us to find out more about the perks and privileges you can receive by giving us some good PR about our firm and by all means share with your audience your own experience in unlocking your phone with UnlockBase .


Want to Give Us a Testimonial?

If you’re willing to provide a Video Testimonial about our services, we’d love to provide you with a Free Unlock code or Discount.


Get Your Free Unlock Code Today

At UnlockBase, we also offer a variety of other ways to receive a Free Unlock or Discount.  You can do this by mentioning us on Facebook or Twitter, by leaving positive messages about us on various forum communities, via testimonials on third-party platforms etc, we will always reward your loyalty and support.

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    hola me llamo jose soy argentino. quiero participar del concurso. ya mande el mail. tengo un nec terrain bloqueado por la empresa at&t de estados unidos. abrazo!!!

    • Sorry but today the only way to communicate with us is in English 🙁

      • Jose Pereyra

        hello my name is jose am Argentine. I participate in the contest. and send the mail. I have a terrain nec blocked by the company AT & T US. hug !!!
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  • Jose Pereyra

    hello my name is jose am Argentine. I participate in the contest. and send the mail. I have a terrain nec blocked by the company AT & T US. hug !!!

  • Unlock4Modems

    Hi Guys.

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  • Scott K

    Hey there. New to unlocking via this method. Looking to obtain a code. Free code for a mention? I was assisted with the chat feature with some tips and couldn’t believe I was greeted from a real person who actually assisted me with information I was looking for. So far this page has not let down, and an honorable mention will be repeated with or without the code for the impressive customer support alone. Thank you. Samsung J7 SM-J700T

  • Jermz L

    Hey plz help me free unlock code sgh-1747m koodo

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    pls help me unlocked my SM-J110F PHONE

  • Gregory Smith

    I couldn’t believe that there was a Website out there that could help me unlock my phone so that i could Use a different SIM Card in my phone. Every website i went to wanted me to pay a high price to have my phone unlocked until i came across UnlockBase, it was very easy to unlock my phone. Now when i need a phone unlocked i go to UnlockBase. I recommand all my friends who has a phone that needs to be unlocked to Log-in to UnlockBase so that they could help you unlocl your phone.

  • Brian Macdonald

    Can’t find code samsung s4

  • Brian Hahn

    Will you really give me 100% refund if I upload a video using your Unlock code? For a T-Mobile ZTE ZMax Pro Z981 with the “Device Unlock”app? Because if you guarantee a refund of over $120 I will make that video.

    • For this service we’ll be OK only if you have a YouTube Tech Chanel with at least 10k follower